A free 30-minute consultation session is organized (in-person, over the phone, or virtually). We want to get to know you, your style, event needs, and decor dreams.
A high-level quote is sent to you for review and approval. After reviewing it, you can decide which services or items you want to edit or enhance.

Please note: This quote will NOT include any design elements, plans, decor setups or images.
Things get a bit more serious - you make a non-refundable deposit (½ of the final cost), and we get to work - a contract and a detailed proposal are sent to you for a review and signature.

Please note: This quote will INCLUDE design elements, plans, decor setups or images.
At this point we are best of friends, sending late-night design ideas and Pinterest links – and suddenly it is two weeks before your event and you submit the final payment (remaining balance).
Finally, your event occurs without any major hiccups, your friends and family have the best time ever, and you are celebrated for all your efforts! So, we ask you to tell others by submitting an online review, raving about how seamless it was to work with one of Central NJ’s best event planners.